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The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.

Ralph Ulm – Vancouver, BC*

I take SierraSil everyday. I truly believe this amazing product can benefit anybody, whether just simply for maintenance purposes, and equally high performance athletes.

Wilma Schnarr – Fort Macleod, AB*

After SierraSil I could not believe the improvement and my doctor was amazed and is now recommending it to his clients. He also was amazed on the improvement in my fingers. Thank you!

Jan Wing, Toronto, ON*

I have been using Sierrasil for almost two years now. Thanks to Sierrasil and all the great people who believed in sharing this awesome product.

Ronald Tobias – Bozeman, MT*

About six months ago a friend of mine came up to me and said ‘Why don’t you try SierraSil?’, and I said ‘Sure, why not, I’ve got nothing to lose at this point. I’ll try anything’. Now, I can’t. So this is the first thing that I’ve had in 28 years that I can say, absolutely, works for me.

Dr. Clem Williams – West Vancouver, BC*

My patients have found that SierraSil works effectively. It’s amazing! In 2-3 weeks they get responses – I’m very pleased with it.

Dr. Delford Roth – Scottsbluff, NE*

I read the book on SierraSil and wanted to try it. I gave a bottle to a 79 year old male patient who agreed to let me know in 3 weeks how he felt. In 3 weeks he advised me to get another supply. Now many grateful patients come to my office asking for it.

West Coast Women’s Clinic*

Dr. Dhawan and Dr. Pawa, West Coast Women’s Clinic, Vancouver, BC

SierraSil has been effective. Due to its safety index, we can confidently recommend this product as a stand alone for suitable patients or as an adjunct to other treatments.

Dr. John Diamond, Intemedica – Reno, NV*

I conducted a review of SierraSil and then assessed results on a first hand basis with patients. Consequently, I have decided to make SierraSil a recommended product. The results continue to reflect what I observed in my first review, namely a high rate of efficacy.

Dr. Meg Jordan – LaFayette, CA*

The experience of my patients at Health Medicine Center in Lafayette, California on SierraSil is one of a consistent performer. I receive comments about “surprising” and “great results” from athletes, middle-aged weekend warriors, golf and tennis buffs, and former marathoners whose knees and hips have taken a beating. Whereas supplements featuring glucosomamine and chrondroitin sulfate often requires two to three months of use. SierraSil demonstrates effectiveness within a short time.

Dr. Michael Caplan, M.D. – Ukiah, CA*

I have been using SierraSil for 4.5 years and give out 20-30 pamphlets a day to my patients. The response from my patients is overwhelmingly positive.

Dr. Peter Sharky*

Dr. Peter Sharky, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA

I’ve been recommending SierraSil and I’ve seen some excellent results. I’ve found that SierraSil is one of the best options available. Seldom have we found an ingredient as effective as SierraSil.

Mike Gillis, President, General Manager and Alternate Governor of the Vancouver Canucks*

Over the past several months, our trainers have been using SierraSil with some players and to date have been very pleased with the results.

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